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Dongguan New Baoli Display Supplies Co., Ltd.
◆ Company profile
Dongguan Xinbaoli Display Supplies Co., Ltd. was founded in ----. It is a wholly-owned enterprise specializing in the production of display products and acrylic (plexiglass) products. The company is located in Jichiling Industrial Zone, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It only takes about an hour's drive from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, and the transportation is convenient. At present, the company has self-built factory ----- multi-square meters, full-time professional talents --- many people. It is a display display, acrylic (organic Glass) products. In terms of management, New Baoli has always adhered to the business policy of "customer respect, honest cooperation", fully implemented the quality and environmental management system, and successfully passed the iso --------- quality management system, and the company has successively Awarded: Contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprises, high-quality suppliers, and Guangdong businessmen --- growth-strong. In terms of services, Xinbaoli's service brands include: Apple mobile phones, Marube cosmetics, Midea, Haier, Sony, China Telecom, Bank of China and so on. In terms of products, Xinbaoli has a year-long production experience. The company specializes in the production of display products, acrylic glass products, acrylic, photo frames, lenses, metal, glass and wooden structure products. Xinbaoli always adheres to the concept of "make --- acrylic products and display supplies, create a better life", and wins the advantage and trust in the market with reasonable prices, high quality products and perfect services. Sincerely serve you !!! Company ... [ View details ]

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